Rising to the Populist Challenge: A new Playbook for Human Rights Actors

This book collects and analyzes a repertoire of responses by human rights organizations to the crackdown against civil society in the populist context. Written by scholars and advocates in challenging political settings from around the world, this book offers ideas and inspiration to their peers in...

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Autor Principal: Rodríguez Garavito, César Augusto, 1971-; Gómez, Krizna
Otros Autores: Kapronczay, Stefánia; Kertész, Anna; Uzcátegui, Rafael; Yesil, Bilge; Mander, Harsh; Chipkin, Ivor; Mansour, Khaled; Wolff, Jonas; Rekosh, Edwin; Ron, James; Kaire, José; Pandya, Archana; Martínez, Andrea; Tiwana, Mandeep; Sikkink, Kathryn; Kinzelbach, Katrin; Spannagel, Janika
Formato: Libro (Book)
Lenguaje:Desconocido (Unknown)
Publicado: Bogotá: Dejusticia 2018
Acceso en línea:http://babel.banrepcultural.org/cdm/ref/collection/p17054coll31/id/84