Cranial shape variation and phylogenetic relationships of extinct and extant Old World leafnosed bats = Variación en la forma del cráneo y relaciones filogenéticas de murciélagos extintos y modernos con hoja nasal del Viejo Mundo

Leaf-nosed bats in Hipposideridae and Rhinonycteridae currently have an Old World tropical to subtropical distribution, with a fossil record extending back to the middle Eocene of Europe. The Riversleigh World Heritage fossil site in northwestern Queensland constitutes a particularly rich archive of...

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Autor Principal: Wilson, Laura A. B.; Hand, Suzanne J.; López Aguirre, Camilo; Archer, Michael; Black, Karen H.; Beck, Robin M. D.; Armstrong, Kyle N.; Wroe, Stephen
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Publicado: Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology 2016
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