A therapeutically viable photo-activated manganese-based CO-releasing molecule (photo-CO-RM)

A new class of photochemically-activated CO-releasing molecule (photo-CO-RM), based on a Mn(CO)4(C^N) system, is reported in this study. Three CO molecules are released per CO-RM molecule. Complex 3 is a fast releaser, thermally stable in the dark and a viable therapeutic agent.

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Autor Principal: Sanín Peña, David Esteban; Fairlamb, Ian J. S.; Lynam, Jason M.; Moir, James W. B.; Mountford, Adrian P.; Ward, Jonathan S.
Formato: Artículo (Article)
Lenguaje:Desconocido (Unknown)
Publicado: Dalton Transactions; No. 35 2012
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