Plasma membrane proteomes of differentially matured dendritic cells identified by LC–MS/MS combined with iTRAQ labelling

Dendritic cells (DCs) play a pivotal role in polarising Th lymphocyte subsets but it is unclear what molecular events occur when DCs generate Th2-type responses. Here, we analysed plasma membrane-enriched fractions from immature, pro-Th1 and pro-Th2 DCs and used a combination of iTRAQ labelling and...

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Autor Principal: Sanín Peña, David Esteban; Castro Borges, William; Cook, Peter C.; Dowle, Adam A.; Ferret Bernard, Stéphanie; MacDonald, Andrew S.; Mountford, Adrian P.; Thomas, Jerry R.; Turner, Joseph D.
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Publicado: Journal of Proteomics; Vol.75, No. 3 2012
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