Modeling and Analysis of a Novel Grid Connection Topology for Offshore Wind Farms using MMC-HVDC Transmission = Modelado y análisis de una topología de conexión de red novedosa para parques eólicos marinos utilizando transmisión MMC-HVDC

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, the Netherlands is integrating large amounts of offshore wind energy into the power system and has ambitious plans for the coming years. A grid topology with transmission capacity above 1 GW connecting offshore wind farms (OWFs) at distances close to 100 km...

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Autor Principal: Lozada Ayala, Pedro; Rueda Torres, J. L.; Koreman, C. G. A.; van der Meijden, M.A.M.M.
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Publicado: 2019 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (Conference proceedings) 2019
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