Cryptocurrencies: What do I own? Looking into the legal issues of Property Law and Security Interest on this sui generis asset (A Comparative Law study) / Criptomonedas: ¿De qué soy dueño? Una mirada a los aspectos legales del derecho de bienes y garantías mobiliarias frente a estos activos sui generis (Un análisis desde el Derecho Comparado)

The XX and XXI centuries brought the best and the worst of what human kind has ever seen. Wars and Peace as never before, the first man in the moon, the internet, and even the means to write this document: all of these in a span of little over 100 years. In this swift transformation, our legal syste...

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Autor Principal: Suárez Bohórquez, Oscar Alberto
Formato: Trabajo de grado (Bachelor Thesis)
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Publicado: 2018
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