Management of Female and Functional Urology Patients During the COVID Pandemic

Context: Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) has changed standard urology practice around the world. The situation is affecting not only uro-oncological patients but also patients with benign and disabling conditions who are suffering delays in medical atte

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Autores Principales: López-Fando, L., Bueno, P., Carracedo, D., Averbeck, M., Castro-Díaz, D.M., Chartier-Kastler, E., Cruz, F., Dmochowski, R., Finazzi-Agrò, E., Hajebrahimi, S., Heesakkers, J., Kasyan, G., Tarcan, T., Peyronnet, B., Plata, M., Padilla-Fernández, B., Van Der
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Publicado: 2020
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