Ce(SO4)2-catalysed the highly diastereoselective synthesis of tetrahydroquinolines via imino diels alder ABB’ type reaction and their in vivo toxicity and imaging in zebrafish embryos

An efficient and practical approach has been developed for the synthesis of N-(tetrahydroquinolinyl-4) amides 3a-l with good yields and high diastereoselectivity. The strategy comprises the domino type ABB’ imino Diels Alder reaction catalysed by a cerium(IV) salt between anilines and N-vinyl amid...

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Autores Principales: Martínez Bonilla, Carlos A., Puerto Galvis, Carlos E., Vargas Mendez, Leonor Y., Kouznetsov, Vladimir V.
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Publicado: 2019
Acceso en línea:http://hdl.handle.net/11634/20117