Synthesis and research of the structural properties of zeolites synthesized from the NaOH+H2O+A* (A*= SiO2, Al) system in an alkaline environment (pH > 10)

In this paper we present the synthesis of Zeolitesthrough the obtaining of a gel composed forthe mixture of alkaline and aluminosilicate solutes.We studied the kinetics of the structurationof zeolites taking into account the reactions A:NaOH+H2O+SiO2 and B: NaOH+H2O+Al. Thevalues of concentration us...

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Autores Principales: Dussan, A., J. H., Otálora B., B.R., CHica, N. C., Bonilla R., D.M., Otálora B.
Lenguaje:Español (Spanish)
Publicado: Universidad Libre 2012
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