Evaluation of the tribological and corrosion properties of the system CrN/Cr deposited on AISI 304, 4140, 1075 by art DC Magnetron Reactive Sputtering

Chromium and chromium nitride CrN/Crmultilayers were deposited on AISI 304 stainlesssteel, AISI 1075 and AISI 4140 substrates byReactive Magnetron Sputtering. The coatings werestudied using XRD, Nanohardness, wear and COFusing Ball on Disc and corrosion tests by LPR(Linear Polarization Resistance) a...

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Autores Principales: Paladines, A. U., Aperador, W., Sequeda, F.
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Publicado: Universidad Libre 2010
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