10.18041/libemp.2016.v13n2.26201 Identification of residential gas quality of service in Atlántico, Valle del Cauca and Bogota based on petitions, complaints, and claims

This research identifies the quality levels of residential gas service based on petitions, complaints, and claims in the departments of Atlántico, Valle del Cauca, and in the city of Bogotá from 2006 to the first quarter of 2015. The information for this period was taken from the database of the Uti...

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Autores Principales: Juvinao Carbono, Luisa Patricia, Rojas Berrío, Sandra Patricia, Robayo Pinzón, Óscar Javier
Formato: Artículo (Article)
Lenguaje:Español (Spanish)
Publicado: Universidad Libre 2016