Less is more

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Autor Principal: Wentzel, Arnold
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Publicado: Dirección de Publicaciones 2022
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spelling ir-10818-508582022-07-05T16:30:09Z Less is more Menos es más Wentzel, Arnold CLIL materials Content compression Critical ideas Big ideas Business education 32 páginas Pedagogical practices that are effective in content courses are often effective in CLIL courses too, yet one such practice – content compression – is generally neglected. Content compression is the purposeful reduction of the content to be taught; however, the CLIL literature often warns against the reduction and simplification of content for fear that it might harm students’ understanding of the subject content. This paper explains the ostensibly paradoxical result that content compression improves students’ understanding of content and shows why it is well suited to CLIL, if applied correctly. It presents content compression principles and techniques that are appropriate to content production and teaching practice in the CLIL classroom and shows how it was used to enhance language acquisition by students in a CLIL business course at a Colombian university over a period of three semesters. This experience suggested that content compression, in combination with other pedagogical practices, not only increased students’ linguistic confidence, but also enhanced their perceived learning in both content and language. 2022-07-05T16:30:09Z 2022-07-05T16:30:09Z 2021 journal article publishedVersion Wentzel, A. (2021). Less is more: Content compression in CLIL. Latin American Journal of Content &Amp; Language Integrated Learning, 14(1), 9–40. https://doi.org/10.5294/laclil.2021.14.1.1 2011-6721 https://laclil.unisabana.edu.co/index.php/LACLIL/article/view/15775 http://hdl.handle.net/10818/50858 10.5294/laclil.2021.14.1.1 2322-9721 eng LACLIL, 14(1), 9–40 openAccess application/pdf Dirección de Publicaciones instname:Universidad de La Sabana reponame:Repositorio Institucional de la Universidad de La Sabana Universidad de La Sabana Intellectum Repositorio Universidad de La Sabana https://intellectum.unisabana.edu.co
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Content compression
Critical ideas
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Business education
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Content compression
Critical ideas
Big ideas
Business education
Wentzel, Arnold
Less is more
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