Nice to Meet You

By the end of this lesson the student will be able use the verb “to be” correctly and practice some expressions to introduce themselves. as well as he/she will be able to. Verb "to be ", Personal subject pronouns, Introducing yourself, Grammar Practice, Expressions, Conversation.

Detalles Bibliográficos
Autores Principales: Parra Pérez, Diana Angélica, Galbreath, Amber, Corredor Plazas, Nelson Javier, Averanga, Alfredo Jose, Pinzón Heredia, Camila Andrea, Ruíz Mora, Karol Melissa, Menza Vados, Darío Alejandro
Formato: Objeto de aprendizaje (Learning Object)
Lenguaje:Inglés (English)
Publicado: 2015