Expression, polymorphism analysis, reticulocyte binding and serological reactivity of two Plasmodium vivax MSP-1 protein recombinant fragments

Among the four parasite species causing malaria in humans, Plasmodium vivax prevails on both the Asian and the American continents. Several antigens from this parasite’s erythrocytic stages have been characterised and some of them are considered to be good vaccine candidates. The P. vivax merozoite...

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Autores Principales: Espinosa, Ana Mar??a, Sierra, Adriana Yanett, Barrero, Carlos Alberto, Cepeda, Libia Alexandra, Cantor, Elvia Mar??a, Lombo, Tania Bibiana, Guzmán, Fanny, Avila, Sandra Julieta, Patarroyo, Manuel Alfonso
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Publicado: Elsevier 2003
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