Multiple sclerosis in the tropics: genetic association to STR's loci spanning the HLA and TNF

Clear evidence has been presented correlating gene polymorphisms at 6p21.3-21.4 (containing HLA and TNF) and the predisposition to acquire multiple sclerosis (MS). In a previous study, we found that polymorphisms at HLA DQA1 were associated with being or not being predisposed to MS in individuals in...

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Autores Principales: Palacio, L G, Rivera, D, Builes, J J, Jiménez, M E, Salgar, M, Anaya, J M, Jiménez, I, Camargo, M, Arcos-Burgos, M, Sánchez , J L, Sánchez, J L
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Publicado: SAGE Publications 2002
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