Immunoanalysis indicates that the sodium iodide symporter is not overexpressed in intracellular compartments in thyroid and breast cancers

Objective: The active transport of iodide into thyroid cells is mediated by the NaC/IK symporter (NIS) located in the basolateral membrane. Strong intracellular staining with anti-NIS antibodies has been reported in thyroid and breast cancers. Our initial objective was to screen tumour samples for i...

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Autores Principales: Peyrottes, Isabelle, Navarro, Valerie, Ondo-Mendez, Alejandro, Marcellin, Didier, Bellanger, Laurent, Marsault, Robert, Lindenthal, Sabine, Ettore, Francette, Darcourt, Jacques, Pourcher, Thierry
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Publicado: European Society of Endocrinology 2009
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