Distamycin A inhibits HMGA1-binding to the P-selectin promoter and attenuates lung and liver inflammation during murine endotoxemia

Background The architectural transcription factor High Mobility Group-A1 (HMGA1) binds to the minor groove of AT-rich DNA and forms transcription factor complexes (“enhanceosomes”) that upregulate expression of select genes within the inflammatory cascade during critical illness syndromes such as ac...

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Autores Principales: Baron, Rebecca M., Lopez-Guzman, Silvia, Riascos, Dario F., Macias, Alvaro A., Layne, Matthew D., Cheng, Guiying, Harris, Cailin, Chung, Su Wol, Reeves, Raymond, von Andrian, Ulrich H., Perrella, Mark A.
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Publicado: PLOS Public Library of Science 2010
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