Synthetic vaccine update: applying lessons learned from recent SPf66 malarial vaccine physicochemical, structural and immunological characterization

The SPf66 synthetic malaria vaccine, developed and obtained almost 2 decades ago, represents the first approach towards developing a multi-antigenic, multi-stage synthetic malarial vaccine composed of subunits derived from different Plasmodium falciparum stage proteins. It is shown here that batches...

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Autores Principales: Bermúdez, Adriana, Reyes, Claudia, Guzmán, Fanny, Vanegas, Magnolia, Rosas, Jaiver, Amador, Roberto, Rodríguez, Raul, Patarroyo, Manuel Alfonso, Patarroyo, Manuel Elkin
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Publicado: The Japanese Society for Vaccinology 2007
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