THU0292 Comparison of the aecg Sjogren’s syndrome classification Cciteria to the newly proposed ACR criteria in a large, carefully characterized sicca cohort.

"Background Sjögren’s syndrome (SS) is a complex disorder that is classically defined by autoimmune processes that result in exocrine gland dysfunction. There is no single clinical diagnostic test for SS, and for research purposes, multiple classification criteria have been proposed over the pa...

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Autores Principales: Rasmussen, A., Ice, J., Li, H., Grundahl, K., Kelly, J., Radfar, L., Stone, D., Hefner, K., Anaya, J. M., Rohrer, M., Houston, G., Lewis, D., Chodosh, J., Harley, J., Maier-Moore, J., Montgomery, C., Rhodus, N., Farris, D., Segal, B., Lessard, C., Scofield, R. H., Sivils, K.
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Publicado: BMJ Publishing Group 2013
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