The impact of malignant nipple discharge cytology (NDc) in surgical management of breast cancer patients

Background The role of nipple discharge cytology (NDc) in the surgical management of breast cancer patients is unclear. We aimed: (i) to evaluate the effect of malignant NDc on the surgical approach to the nipple-areola complex, and (ii) to verify the association between malignant NDc and nipple mal...

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Autores Principales: Castellano, Isabella, Metovic, Jasna, Balmativola, Davide, Annaratone, Laura, Rangel, Nelson, Vissio, Elena, Arisio, Riccardo, Macrì, Luigia, Pecchioni, Carla, Sarotto, Ivana, Montarolo, Francesca, Muscarà, Francesca, Marchiò, Caterina, Cassoni, Paola, Kulka, Janina, Sapino, Anna
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Publicado: The PLOS ONE 2017
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