Frontline Science: Targeted expression of a dominant-negative high mobility group A1 transgene improves outcome in sepsis

High mobility group (HMG) proteins are a family of architectural transcription factors, with HMGA1 playing a role in the regulation of genes involved in promoting systemic inflammatory responses. We speculated that blocking HMGA1?mediated pathways might improve outcomes from sepsis. To investigate H...

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Autores Principales: Baron, Rebecca M., Kwon, Min?Young, Castano, Ana P., Ghanta, Sailaja, Riascos?Bernal, Dario F., Lopez?Guzman, Silvia, Macias, Alvaro Andres, Ith, Bonna, Schissel, Scott L., Lederer, James A., Reeves, Raymond, Yet, Shaw?Fang, Layne, Matthew D., Xiaoli, Liu, Perrella, Mark A.
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Publicado: John Wiley and Sons 2018
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