The unique social sense of puerperium: Increased empathy and Schadenfreude in parents of newborns.

Pregnancy and puerperium are typified by marked biobehavioral changes. These changes, which are traceable in both mothers and fathers, play an important role in parenthood and may modulate social cognition abilities. However, the latter effects remain notably unexplored in parents of newborns (PNs)....

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Autores Principales: Gomez-Carvajal, Ana-Maria, Santamaria-Garcia, Hernando, Garcia, Adolfo M, Valderrama, Mario, Mejia, Jhony, Santamaria-Garcia, Jose, Bernal, Mateo, Silva, Jaime, Ibanez, Agustin, Baez, Sandra
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Publicado: Nature Publishing Group 2020
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