Indoor dust as a source of virulent strains of the agents of cryptococcosis in the rio negro micro-region of the Brazilian Amazon

Cryptococcosis, a potentially fatal mycosis in humans, is acquired via exposure to exogenous environmental sources. This study aimed to investigate the frequency, genetic diversity, and virulence of cryptococcal strains isolated from indoor dust in the Rio Negro micro-region of the Brazilian Amazon....

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Autores Principales: Brito-Santos, F., Trilles, L., Firacative, C., Wanke, B., Carvalho-Costa, F. A., Nishikawa, M. M., Campos, J. P., Junqueira A., C. V., de Souza, A. C., Lazéra, M. S., Meyer, W.
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Publicado: MDPI AG 2020
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