Clinical Correlation Between Computerized Tomography Findings and Pathologic Diagnosis in Patients Surgically Treated for Complex Renal Cysts in a Colombian Tertiary Center

"IntroductionRecent data have reexamined the historical rates of malignancy observed in Bosniak IIF and III cystic lesions, and this has led to an endorsement of the use of active surveillance as the standard of care for Bosniak III renal cysts by affirming that overtreatment rates for this sub...

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Autores Principales: Castañeda-Millán, David, Barros-Valderrama, Darwin, Camacho-Nieto, Diego, Riveros, Carlos A, Alzate-Granados, Juan, Salgado-Tovar, Javier, Donoso-Donoso, Wilfredo
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Publicado: Cureus 2019
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