Woody vegetation dynamics in the tropical and subtropical Andes from 2001 to 2014: Satellite image interpretation and expert validation

"The interactions between climate and land-use change are dictating the distribution of flora and fauna and reshuffling biotic community composition around the world. Tropical mountains are particularly sensitive because they often have a high human population density, a long history of agricul...

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Autores Principales: "Aide, T. Mitchell, Grau, H. Ricardo, Graesser, Jordan, Andrade?Nuñez, Maria Jose, Aráoz, Ezequiel, Barros, Ana P., Campos?Cerqueira, Marconi, Chacon?Moreno, Eulogio, Cuesta, Francisco, Espinoza, Raul, Peralvo, Manuel, Polk, Molly H., Rueda, Ximena, Sanchez, Adriana, Young, Kenneth R., Zarbá, Lucía, Zimmerer, Karl S."
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