The quest for a globally comprehensible Russula language

"Since 2007, the quality of Russula descriptions has improved and the use of molecular support for species delimitation and the number of published new species has increased. However, the description style is not consistent and has regional or author-specific patterns. Most recent publications...

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Autores Principales: Adam?ík S., Looney B., Cabo? M., Jan?ovi?ová S., Adam?íková K., Avis P.G., Barajas M., Bhatt R.P., Corrales A., Das K., Hampe F., Ghosh A., Gates G., Kälviäinen V., Khalid A.N., Kiran M., De Lange R., Lee H., Lim Y.W., Kong A., Manz C., Ovrebo C., Saba M., Taipale T., Verbeken A., Wisitrassameewong K., Buyck B.
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Publicado: Springer 2019
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