"The Manaus Declaration: Current Situation of Histoplasmosis in the Americas, Report of the II Regional Meeting of the International Histoplasmosis Advocacy Group"

"Purpose of Review: The aim of this report is to summarize the conclusions of the II Regional Meeting on Histoplasmosis in the Americas held in Manaus, Brazil, on March 22–24, 2019. Recent Findings: Persons living with advanced HIV are at high risk for developing histoplasmosis. Clinical signs...

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Autores Principales: Caceres D.H., Adenis A., de Souza J.V.B., Gomez B.L., Cruz K.S., Pasqualotto A.C., Ravasi G., Perez F., Chiller T., de Lacerda M.V.G., Nacher M., The International Histoplasmosis Advocacy Group (iHAG)
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Publicado: Springer 2019
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