Recurrent lumbar disc herniation: Results of surgical treatment in patients entitle to a worker's compensation program

"Recurrent lumbar disc herniation is the main cause of radicular pain after lumbar discectomy, with a reported incidence between 5 and 12.5%. Objectives: Evaluate the results of surgical treatment for recurrent lumbar disc herniation in patients subject to a workers' Compensation program....

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Autores Principales: Marré Pacheco B., Zamorano P. J.J., Ilabaca G. F., González C. F., Melero D. P., Yurca B. R., Munjin L. M., Urzúa B. A., Lecaros L. M.áA., Ballesteros P. V., Fleiderman V. J.
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Publicado: 2008
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