"New echinocandin susceptibility patterns for nosocomial Candida albicans in Bogotá, Colombia, in ten tertiary care centres: An observational study"

"Background: Candida albicans remains as the first cause of nosocomial fungal infections in hospitals worldwide and its susceptibility pattern should be better described in our tertiary care hospitals. Methods: This study aimed at identifying the caspofungin susceptibility pattern regarding nos...

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Autores Principales: Rodríguez-Leguizamón, Giovanni, Fiori, Alessandro, Lagrou, Katrien, Gaona, María Antonia, Ibáñez, Milciades, Patarroyo, Manuel Alfonso, Van Dijck, Patrick, Gómez-López, Arley
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Publicado: BioMed Central Ltd. 2015
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