CITED2 mutations potentially cause idiopathic premature ovarian failure

"Anomalies in gonadal development in a mouse knockout model of Cited2 have been recently described. In Cited2 -/- female gonads, an ectopic cell migration was observed and the female program of sex determination was transiently delayed. We hypothesize that, in humans, this temporary inhibition...

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Autores Principales: Fonseca, Dora Janeth, Ojeda, Diego, Lakhal, Besma, Braham, Rim, Eggers, Stefanie, Turbitt, Erin, White, Stefan, Grover, Sonia, Warne, Garry, Zacharin, Margaret, Lam, Alexandra Nevin, Landolsi, Hanène, Elghezal, Hatem, Saâd, Ali, Restrepo, Carlos Martín, Fellous, Marc, Sinclair, Andrew, Koopman, Peter, Laissue, Paul
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Publicado: Mosby Inc. 2012
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