Handgrip strength attenuates the adverse effects of overweight on cardiometabolic risk factors among collegiate students but not in individuals with higher fat levels

"The aims of this study are to (i) examine a clustered metabolic syndrome composite score (MetScore) and fatness among college students across body mass index (BMI) categories, and (ii) determine whether fit individuals have lower MetScores, fewer individual metabolic syndrome components, and l...

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Autores Principales: "Garcia-Hermoso, Antonio, Tordecilla-Sanders, Alejandra, Correa-Bautista, Jorge Enrique, Peterson, Mark D., Izquierdo, Mikel, Prieto-Benavides, Daniel, Sandoval-Cuellar, Carolina, González-Ruíz, Katherine, Ramírez-Vélez, Robinson"
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Publicado: Nature Publishing Group 2019
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