Deciphering the RNA landscape by RNAome sequencing

"Current RNA expression profiling methods rely on enrichment steps for specific RNA classes, thereby not detecting all RNA species in an unperturbed manner. We report strand-specific RNAome sequencing that determines expression of small and large RNAs from rRNA-depleted total RNA in a single se...

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Autores Principales: "Derks, Kasper WJ, Misovic, Branislav, van den Hout, Mirjam CGN, Kockx, Christel EM, Gomez, Cesar Payan, Brouwer, Rutger WW, Vrieling, Harry, Hoeijmakers, Jan HJ, van IJcken, Wilfred FJ, Pothof, Joris"
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Publicado: Taylor and Francis Inc. 2015
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