Association of PPP2CA polymorphisms with systemic lupus erythematosus susceptibility in multiple ethnic groups

"Objective T cells from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) express increased amounts of PP2Ac, which contributes to decreased production of interleukin-2 (IL-2). Because IL-2 is important in the regulation of several aspects of the immune response, it has been proposed that PP2Ac...

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Autores Principales: Tan W., Sunahori K., Zhao J., Deng Y., Kaufman K.M., Kelly J.A., Langefeld C.D., Williams A.H., Comeau M.E., Ziegler J.T., Marion M.C., Bae S.-C., Lee J.H., Lee J.-S., Chang D.-M., Song Y.W., Yu C.-Y., Kimberly R.P., Edberg J.C., Brown E.E., Petri M.A., Ramsey-Goldman R., Vilá L.M., Reveille J.D., Alarcõn-Riquelme M.E., Harley J.B., Boackle S.A., Stevens A.M., Scofield R.H., Merrill J.T., Freedman B.I., Anaya, Juan-Manuel, Criswell L.A., Jacob C.O., Vyse T.J., Niewold T.B., Gaffney P.M., Moser K.L., Gilkeson G.S., Kamen D.L., James J.A., Grossman J.M., Hahn B.H., Tsokos G.C., Tsao B.P.
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Publicado: 2011
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