Epidemic dispersion of HIV and HCV in a population of co-infected Romanian injecting drug users

Co-infections with HIV and HCV are very frequent among people who inject drugs (PWID). However, very few studies comparatively reconstructed the transmission patterns of both viruses in the same population. We have recruited 117 co-infected PWID during a recent HIV outbreak in Romania. Phylogenetic...

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Autores Principales: Paraschiv, Simona, Banica, Leontina, Nicolae, Ionelia, Niculescu, Iulia, Abagiu, Adrian, Jipa, Raluca, Pineda-Peña, Andrea-Clemencia, Pingarilho, Marta, Neaga, Emil, Theys, Kristof, Libin, Pieter, Otelea, Dan, Abecasis, Ana
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Publicado: Public Library of Science 2017
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