Ecological niche modelling for predicting the risk of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Neotropical moist forest biome

A major challenge of eco-epidemiology is to determine which factors promote the transmission of infectious diseases and to establish risk maps that can be used by public health authorities. The geographic predictions resulting from ecological niche modelling have been widely used for modelling the f...

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Autores Principales: Chavy, Agathe, Nava, Alessandra Ferreira Dales, Luz, Sergio Luiz Bessa, Ramírez, Juan David, Herrera, Giovanny, dos Santos, Thiago Vasconcelos, Ginouves, Marine, Demar, Magalie, Prévot, Ghislaine, Guégan, Jean-François, de Thoisy, Benoît
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Publicado: Public Library of Science 2019
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