Selective sweeps on novel and introgressed variation shape mimicry loci in a butterfly adaptive radiation

Natural selection leaves distinct signatures in the genome that can reveal the targets and history of adaptive evolution. By analysing high-coverage genome sequence data from 4 major colour pattern loci sampled from nearly 600 individuals in 53 populations, we show pervasive selection on wing patter...

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Autores Principales: Moest, Markus, Van Belleghem, Steven M., James, Jennifer E., Martin, Simon H., Barker, Sarah L., Moreira, Gilson R. P., Mérot, Claire, Joron, Mathieu, Nadeau, Nicola J., Steiner, Florian M., Jiggins, Chris D, Salazar, Camilo
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Publicado: Public Library of Science 2020
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