"Thismia jianfenglingensis (Thismiaceae), a new species of fairy lantern from Hainan Island, China"

"A new species of Thismia (Thismiaceae), T. jianfenglingensis, is described and illustrated from Hainan Island, China. The new species is similar to T. hongkongensis, displaying a urecolate perianth tube, a loose dome with six perianth lobes, six stamens, and three stigmas. T. jianfenglingensis...

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Autores Principales: Xu H., Yang H., Lin M., Corrales A., Hogan J.A., Li Y., Fang S.
Formato: Artículo (Article)
Lenguaje:Inglés (English)
Publicado: Magnolia Press 2020
Acceso en línea:https://repository.urosario.edu.co/handle/10336/22815