Undertreatment of pain and low use of opioids in Latin America

Pain is highly prevalent among the adult Latin American population. However, many patients with moderate to severe pain do not have access to effective pain management with opioids due to limited access to healthcare, overuse of nonopioid analgesics, regulatory barriers and lack of appropriate infor...

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Autores Principales: García C.A., Santos Garcia J.B., Rosario Berenguel Cook M.D., Colimon F., Flores Cantisani J.A., Guerrero C., Rocío Guillén Núnez M.D., Hernández Castro J.J., Kraychete D.C., Lara-Solares A., Lech O., Rico Pazos M.A., Gallegos M.S., Marcondes L.P.
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Publicado: 2018
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