DNA demethylation agent 5azadC downregulates HPV16 E6 expression in cervical cancer cell lines independently of TBX2 expression

"HPV16 is the most carcinogenic human papillomavirus and causes >50% of cervical cancers, the majority of anal cancers and 30% of oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas. HPV carcinogenesis relies on the continuous expression of the two main viral oncoproteins E6 and E7 that target >150 ce...

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Autores Principales: "Perrard, Jerome, Morel, Adrien, Meznad, Koceila, Paget-Bailly, Philippe, Dalstein, Veronique, Guenat, David, Mourareau, Celine, Clavel, Christine, Fauconnet, Sylvie, Baguet, Aurelie, Mougin, Christiane, Pretet, Jean-Luc"
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Publicado: Spandidos Publications 2020
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