The gene cortex controls mimicry and crypsis in butterflies and moths

"The wing patterns of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) are diverse and striking examples of evolutionary diversification by natural selection. Lepidopteran wing colour patterns are a key innovation, consisting of arrays of coloured scales. We still lack a general understanding of how these p...

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Autores Principales: Nadeau, Nicola J., Pardo-Diaz, Carolina, Whibley, Annabel, Supple, Megan A., Saenko, Suzanne V., Wallbank, Richard W. R., Wu, Grace C., Maroja, Luana, Ferguson, Laura, Hanly, Joseph J., Hines, Heather, Merrill, Richard M., Dowling, Andrea J., ffrench-Constant, Richard H., Llaurens, Violaine, Joron, Mathieu, McMillan, W. Owen, Jiggins, Chris D, Salazar, Camilo
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Publicado: Nature Publishing Group 2016
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