CCL3L1 and CCR5 influence cell-mediated immunity and affect HIV-AIDS pathogenesis via viral entry-independent mechanisms

"Although host defense against human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1) relies mainly on cell-mediated immunity (CMI), the determinants of CMI in humans are poorly understood. Here we demonstrate that variations in the genes encoding the chemokine CCL3L1 and HIV coreceptor CCR5 influence CMI in b...

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Autores Principales: Dolan M.J., Kulkarni H., Camargo J.F., He W., Smith A., Anaya, Juan-Manuel, Miura T., Hecht F.M., Mamtani M., Pereyra F., Marconi V., Mangano A., Sen L., Bologna R., Clark R.A., Anderson S.A., Delmar J., O'Connell R.J., Lloyd A., Martin J., Ahuja S.S., Agan B.K., Walker B.D., Deeks S.G., Ahuja S.K.
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Publicado: 2007
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