Complex modular architecture around a simple toolkit of wing pattern genes

Identifying the genomic changes that control morphological variation and understanding how they generate diversity is a major goal of evolutionary biology. In Heliconius butterflies, a small number of genes control the development of diverse wing colour patterns. Here, we used full-genome sequencing...

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Autores Principales: Van Belleghem, Steven M., Rastas, Pasi, Papanicolaou, Alexie, Martin, Simon H., Arias, Carlos F., Supple, Megan A., Hanly, Joseph J., Mallet, James, Lewis, James J., Hines, Heather M., Ruiz, Mayte, Linares, Mauricio, Moreira, Gilson R. P., Jiggins, Chris D, Counterman, Brian A., McMillan, W. Owen, Papa, Riccardo, Salazar, Camilo
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Publicado: Nature Publishing Group 2017
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