Identification of a new candidate locus for ebstein anomaly in 1p36.2

Ebstein anomaly (EA) is a rare congenital heart defect (CHD) with a poorly characterized genetic etiology. However, some EA patients carry deletions in 1p36, all of which have been reported to carry distal deletions and share loss of the PRDM16 gene, which is currently considered the most likely can...

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Autores Principales: Miranda-Fernández, Marta-Catalina, Ramírez-Oyaga, Silvia, Huertas-Quiñones, Victor-Manuel, Barrera-Castañeda, Magally, Quero, Rossi, Hernández-Toro, Camilo-José, Tamar Silva, Claudia, Laissue, Paul, Cabrera, Rodrigo, Restrepo, Carlos M.
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Publicado: S. Karger AG 2018
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