The PHF21B gene is associated with major depression and modulates the stress response

"Major depressive disorder (MDD) affects around 350 million people worldwide; however, the underlying genetic basis remains largely unknown. In this study, we took into account that MDD is a gene-environment disorder, in which stress is a critical component, and used whole-genome screening of f...

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Autores Principales: "Wong, M-L, Arcos-Burgos, M, Liu, S, Vélez, J I, Yu, C, Baune, B T, Jawahar, M C, Arolt, V, Dannlowski, U, Chuah, A, Huttley, G A, Fogarty, R, Lewis, M D, Bornstein, S R, Licinio, J"
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Publicado: Nature Publishing Group 2017
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