Sustainability of and Adherence to Preschool Health Promotion Among Children 9 to 13 Years Old

Background: Long-term evaluations of child health promotion programs are required to assess their sustainability and the need for reintervention. Objectives: This study sought to explore the long-term impact of a preschool health promotion intervention delivered in an urban low-income area of Colomb...

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Autores Principales: Fernández-Jiménez, Rodrigo, Briceño, German, Céspedes, Jaime, Vargas, Sarha, Guijarro, Jennifer, Baxter, Jorge, Hunn, Marilyn, Santos-Beneit, Gloria, Rodríguez, Carla, Céspedes, Maria Paula, Bagiella, Emilia, Moreno, Zorayda, Carvajal, Isabel, Fuster, Valentin
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Publicado: Elsevier USA 2020
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