Influence of Variations in CCL3L1 and CCR5 on Tuberculosis in a Northwestern Colombian Population

"We investigated the association of polymorphisms in CCR5, the major human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 coreceptor, and copy number of its potent ligand CCL3L1 with tuberculosis in 298 individuals from Colombia. The CCR5-HHD haplotype, a known genetic determinant of increased susceptibility t...

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Autores Principales: Mamtani M., Mummidi S., Ramsuran V., Pham M.-H., Maldonado R., Begum K., Valera M.S., Sanchez R., Castiblanco J., Kulkarni H., Ndung'u T., He W., Anaya, Juan-Manuel, Ahuja S.K.
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Publicado: 2011
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