High hepatitis E virus seroprevalence in forestry workers and in wild boars in France

"Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is a fecally and orally transmitted human pathogen of worldwide distribution. In industrial countries, HEV is observed in an increasing number of autochthonous cases and is considered to be an emerging pathogen. A growing body of evidence suggests that HEV is a zoonotic...

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Autores Principales: "Carpentier, Audrey, Chaussade, Hélène, Rigaud, Emma, Rodriguez, Josefa, Berthault, Camille, Boué, Franck, Tognon, Mauro, Touzé, Antoine, Garcia-Bonnet, Nathalie, Choutet, Patrick, Coursaget, Pierre"
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Publicado: 2012
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