Young adult outcomes in the follow-up of the multimodal treatment study of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: symptom persistence, source discrepancy, and height suppression

Background: The Multimodal Treatment Study (MTA) began as a 14-month randomized clinical trial of behavioral and pharmacological treatments of 579 children (7–10 years of age) diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)-combined type. It transitioned into an observational long-ter...

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Autores Principales: Swanson, James M., Arnold, L. Eugene, Molina, Brooke S.G., Sibley, Margaret H., Hechtman, Lily T., Hinshaw, Stephen P., Abikoff, Howard B., Stehli, Annamarie, Owens, Elizabeth B., Mitchell, John T., Nichols, Quyen, Howard, Andrea, Greenhill, Laurence L., Hoza, Betsy, Newcorn, Jeffrey H., Jensen, Peter S., Vitiello, Benedetto, Wigal, Timothy, Epstein, Jeffery N., Tamm, Leanne, Lakes, Kimberly D., Waxmonsky, James, Lerner, Marc, Etcovitch, Joy, Murray, Desiree W., Muenke, Maximilian, Acosta, Maria T., Pelham, William E., Kraemer, Helena C., Arcos-Burgos, Mauricio
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