Characterization of oral yeasts isolated from healthy individuals attended in different Colombian dental clinics

The aim of this study was to identify the most frequent yeasts in the oral cavity of adult individuals without immune disorders and to associate the presence of these oral yeasts with different characteristics of each individual. Oral rinse samples were obtained from 96 healthy adults and cultured i...

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Autores Principales: Rivera R.E., Zuluaga A., Arango K., Kadar I., Pinillos P.A., Montes L.F., Cepeda E.C., González E., Alfonso P.A., Villalba A.A., Casanova L.F., Perez A., Roa A., Arias M.J., Cuellar J.O.F., Pedraza L., Vasquez A.A., Suarez B.L., Gomez B.L., De Bedout C., Cano L.E.
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Publicado: Nanjing Medical University and Chungbuk National University Press 2019
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