A signature of renal stress resistance induced by short-term dietary restriction, fasting, and protein restriction

During kidney transplantation, ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) induces oxidative stress. Short-Term preoperative 30% dietary restriction (DR) and 3-day fasting protect against renal IRI. We investigated the contribution of macronutrients to this protection on both phenotypical and transcriptional...

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Autores Principales: Jongbloed, F., Saat, T.C., Verweij, M., Payan-Gomez, C., Hoeijmakers, J.H.J., Van Den Engel, S., Van Oostrom, C.T., Ambagtsheer, G., Imholz, S., Pennings, J.L.A., Van Steeg, H., Ijzermans, J.N.M., Dollé, M.E.T., De Bruin, R.W.F.
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Publicado: 2017
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